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I’m a straight ally because ___________


I’m proud to be able to introduce a post I’ve written for a friend’s blog.

I took a lot of time with it, and it really is very honest (and was painful to write).

(And if you’ve come from AnaYelsi’s page, welcome!  I do hope you stick around!)

I’ve written it because this fall, I will be part of a group of 50 straight, gay, bisexual, and transgender Christians of all stripes and sizes who are coming together under one umbrella with the goal of ending homophobia in the Church.

For the next 13 weeks, we’ll each be doing 10-12 hours of reading, which will culminate in a national conference this September.  The readings are intensive, Bible-based studies examining the intersection of Christianity and homosexuality from both sides of the debate.  We will be studying everything from basic biblical exegesis to the early Church fathers’ views on homosexuality to the original Greek and Hebrew words used in the holy scriptures to describe “homosexuality.”

Our premise is that Bible doesn’t have a word to say against committed, gay relationships, and that it is long past time for the Church to realize her mistake on this matter.  The scriptures have been misused against gay people in the same tired old ways they have been misused for slavery, segregation, militarism, and patriarchy and we are going to prove it.

Please join us by keeping us in prayer, sending encouragement, and raising your own voice as a straight ally.  There are still so many preparations to be made and mountains to climb.  Truly, the only way we will ever be able to succeed in this measure is by the power and presence of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ.

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