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breathe that fire again

you know how sometimes you can



really quite

strongly for someone?

it feels like

your mind

is held hostage

your skin

holds itself proper

and tight

threatening to burst

your heart


alight with a static flow

it’s an electricity

that makes it feel

like you’re going to pop.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

I’m sure you do

of course you do.

If you’re human, at least.

I’m sure you know

that it’s one of the most




feelings in the world


you know it well

and you love it

and when it’s shared

when you’re not alone

it’s the greatest taste

the highest touch

there isn’t anything above it

it’s true

and it’s so sweet

but then


one morning, you wake up

and it’s just


it’s gone

maybe just the next week

it’s not there anymore

the chemicals have been castrated

where did it go?

that spark, it just won’t catch

where are you now?

it’s done


no more feeling

you try to touch

no more pull

the flame has flickered

to a still



and it’s different.

it’s changed.

the butterflies have stopped

but still,

you want to feel them

flittering around in your gut

so you try

but they’ve halted

you lean in


it’s tired, it’s all outdated

don’t get me wrong

you’re still thrilled to find

what happened to that thrill?

that it’s still physical


something’s still there

passion’s not blind

it still feels kind of


but after it all,

it’s not the same

it’s really not

it just isn’t

there’s no lying about it

it’s a quiet pain

there’s no denying that.

yes there was a spark

but this is getting ridiculous

it just won’t catch

you want it to light so badly

you want that part…up again

you want to feel that flame on your tongue

it doesn’t even matter

if you get a little burned

if you have to give up everything else

you’re born to trouble

and the sparks fly upward

because you want it back so badly

you want that crunch

that roughness

that black magic

back on your lips

no matter the cost

you remember it well,

the addiction,

and you need it

you want that scream to catch in your throat

open the door

let it rise

out of the ashes

even if it means it’s only alive for a bit

even if it’s just for a minute

because you were so sure

you want it back

it’s draining now

but you need a miracle

you want your lives to smack together stronger than before

and never pull apart

you want that resurrection

you want to breathe that fire again

(there it is)

and it’s shared

I won’t shine if you don’t shine

you promised

and then it’s over

but before you go


tell me what you find

another time

another girl

when you read my mind


the stars are blazing like rebel diamonds

she’s got a great smile

cut out of the sun


can you read my mind?

so let’s give it a go.

I’m sure

it’ll be different this time

cuz this one

she’s downright dangerous

she’s something else

she’s a real rattlesnake

you can’t be serious

I am

flame on

look on the bright side

this has to work

and then,

of course,





what does this piece mean to you?  has this ever been your experience?  can you relate?

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